Wellness Simplified

The Wellness Platform serves as your comprehensive corporate wellness ally, offering cutting-edge wellness and staff support solutions.   

We are on a mission to streamline and simplify corporate wellness and mental healthcare.
Get all you need without all the complexity. 

Improved productivity, reduced absenteeism & churn, cost savings, brand & reputation improvement

Employee & Student Assistance Program Services

What sets our Employee Assistance Program apart is our unique approach in providing uncomplicated services that are accessible and easy to use.

Our goal is to boost staff morale and prioritize the well-being of all team members by promoting safety, good health, financial freedom, and mental well-being. This program offers valuable insights, assistance, and advice to employees (and/or students), while also providing convenient platforms for them to access resources and get support immediately, and download relevant documents to address their everyday challenges.

Mental Health Support
Access unlimited counseling and an abundance of resources to effectively address and tackle mental health issues via WhatsApp, web or mobile chat.

Medical Health Support
Confidential assistance and resources to support employees with effectively managing health conditions and promoting overall well-being.

Financial Wellness
Our confidential and expert assistance is available to aid employees in navigating financial difficulties and enhancing their overall financial well-being.

Legal Advice
Gain immediate access to a team of legal advisors who are readily available to assist you with any challenges you may face.

of teams say mental health is negatively affecting revenue

return on investment in mental health in terms of productivity and reduced absenteeism (WEF report)

of employees say mental health has limited their performance

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Platform and Resources

Over 10 years experience has shown us that employees dislike the pressure of talking to a counsellor on a telephone and most do not want to provide their identities when they need support. 

There is a very real fear with traditional EAP providers that any information provided by the employee will be given to the employer or used against them. 
Employees also prefer having convenient access to support services via their phones and messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Dedicated Whatsapp Line

Employees get direct access to our counsellors via a dedicated Whatsapp line for each client. Our technology provides comprehensive statistics on usage, topics and trends.

Self-help Resources

Our interactive resources offer reliable information & advice on a wide range of topics like pregnancy, dependency, depression, break-ups, abuse, and any difficult situation employees may be dealing with.

Emergency Telephonic Assistance

While most employees prefer to engage via Whatsapp, we offer an emergency assistance line direct to employers when they need urgent assistance, support or advice from our specialist staff.

Anonymous Support

Employees contact us anonymously to ensure confidentiality and remove all barriers.  Clients can choose to divulge their identities should they wish that the employer step in, in special cases.

Feedback and Reporting

We provide in-depth monthly reporting on usage and all interactions
Reports contain general statistics as well as information on individual interactions

These are just a few examples of our reporting data points