About us

The Wellness Platform Experience

The Wellness Platform provides text-based counselling and support services by registered professionals.

The text-based counselling service has helped hundreds of thousands of people since July 2010 in South Africa (and later, the rest of the world) via WhatsApp, web and mobile devices.  It is a cost-effective method of providing support services to large groups of people.

The Wellness Platform is a sister company of MobieG, which provides free text-based counselling by volunteers (lay and student counsellors) as a non-profit service.

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Our Core Focus

Specialist staff

Services are provided by specialists in their fields, such as registered councillors, nurses, social workers, pastoral counsellors, emergency medical practitioners and lawyers.

We also provide regular training and up-skilling for all of our staff to ensure they have the up-to-date knowledge and skills to provide the best possible assistance. 

Simple, accessible technology

We aim to break down technology barriers that allow employees to access our support services with ease and convenience.

Access to our support services is provided on a Whatsapp number dedicated to each client, as well as via mobile phones and computers - giving employees the choice.